A security guard’s wage will make God cry!

This is an open letter to the National Employment Council (NEC) that governs security guards.

We are security guards and we toil day and night to give every property owners peace of mind and a good sleep.

We endure cold nights, so cold that people have died in such weather. We endure the rains and mosquito infested nights. We don’t sleep from 6pm to 6am and we are always at the risk of armed robbers. Many security guards have lost limb and life.

We did not rest like others during Covid-19 lockdown. We remained in the frontline.

But what we get will make the Almighty cry. Our wages are a sin to God. Minimum wages as per the statutory instrument remained at $214 from 2013 up to 2020.

We cannot afford accommodation hence a security guard’s family; mother, father and children always share one room. There is no breakfast for security guards; they cannot afford it. One meal a day is all they get.

Security guards who are deployed at mobile phone boosters stay in shacks. Imagine protecting multimillion dollar infrastructure while sleeping in a shack.

We appeal to NSSA to look at the safety compliance of some such facilities.

When a security guard goes to work at 6am, he carries with him a lunch box of sadza and vegetables cooked the previous night. That sadza is eaten for lunch when fungus is almost growing on it.

We appeal to NEC to look at our situation. Our question is always; Don’t you feel pity for us?

Transport, housing and other allowances have remained where they were in 2013. Does anybody in NEC ever think that we are also human?

Collective bargaining processes have not been yielding anything for us.

On the contrary our managers are filthy rich. They have good houses in plush suburbs and they have up to five wives each. They are impregnating women all over; a sign that they can afford to be extravagant.

We are also appealing to authorities to look into issues of unregistered security companies that end up entrusting guns with guards that are not properly trained in the use of firearms. Some such companies are owned by former or current Police officers, soldiers etc.

Some of the recruited guards are also cops or soldiers dismissed from service for acts of misconduct that may also include unapproved use of firearms.

Guns are dangerous particularly in the hands of people of unstable mindsets.

Crying out for help!


Security guard.

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