800 Buhera farmers benefit from US$3,9m contracts

BUHERA – Some 800 farmers from arid Buhera and Wedza Districts have struck a deal to supply grain to Delta Corporate under the company’s US$3,9 million contract farming scheme.
Delta Corporate Affairs General Manager Patricia Murambinda confirmed the arrangement in an interview with The Mirror last week. Delta is Zimbabwe’s biggest beverages company.
The farmers will be growing red sorghum (malting sorghum) on 545 hectares in Buhera and 168 hectares in Wedza. Delta is putting a total of 8 835 hectares under contract farming throughout the whole country.
Buhera and Wedza will grow crops that thrive under dry conditions while farmers in wetter parts of the country are contracted to grow crops that need more rainfall like maize.
The range of crops that Delta has put under contract farming are barley, sorghum and maize. Delta uses the grain to produce traditional and clear beer.
“Buhera district has been contracted on 545 hectares while Wedza has got 168 hectares,” said Murambinda.
“The advantage of contract farming is that farmers are guaranteed a market and they are covered on seed, fertilizers, chemicals, working capital expenditure, technical services, research and development ” added Murambinda.

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