70% of Masvingo City’s road network in a bad state

Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – A survey by Masvingo City Council in 2020 showed that 70% of the Ancient City’s 300km-long road network was in a bad state while 20% was fair and only 10% could be described as good, Town Clerk, Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa has said.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with The Mirror, Eng Mukaratirwa said the local authority had since then been allocated funds annually to address the challenges under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme(ERRP).

The funds were allocated from 2020 to date and in 2021 for example council received ZWL$95 million and this was increased to ZWL$125 million in 2022. Hundred percent of the funds allocated in 2021 were received while so far 60% of the allocated funds for 2022 have been receive.

The 60% received so far in 2022 has been used in the maintenance of roads while the remaining 40% is going to be used for the purchase of equipment including two tippers and public lightning system.

Eng Mukaratirwa said road maintenance is split into two with some work falling under the City Council while the other under Government’s road department.

Three companies have been contracted in 2022 to do resealing, reconstruction or re-graveling. In 2021 there were seven companies that were contracted to do the work on the road and of those council complained against one for doing a shoddy job and the matter will go before arbitration, said Eng Mukaratirwa.

He said contractors are given 12 months’ defects liability period which means if anything happens to the road inside that period, the contractor will rectify the problem for free.

He said that most of the in CBD and Rhodhene were done by the Departments of Roads.

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