7 sites with remains of fallen heroes discovered in Buhera


BUHERA – Seven fresh sites with remains that are believed to be those of fallen heroes have been discovered in the Nyashanu area of Buhera.
It is not clear how the sites were discovered almost at the same time with one each in wards 22, 23, 25, 27, 29 and two sites in Ward 32 but the process has already been started for exhumation and decent burials.
War Veterans district chairperson Nelson Mahamba confirmed the discoveries to The Mirror. He said that some sites were discovered by farmers working in their fields while in Ward 25 a human skull was seen floating in the water after Cyclone Idai last year.
The remains were mostly in shallow graves around sites used as bases by liberation fighters during the liberation struggle.
Efforts to get a comment from Chief Nyashanu were fruitless.
Mahamba said that the National Fallen Heroes’ Trust in Zimbabwe (NFHTZ) was contacted to come and verify if the remains are of fallen heroes and then assist in the exhumations and reburials.
He also said that the sites are now secured as they wait for NFHTZ to verify the suspected fallen heroes’ remains.https://masvingomirror.com

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