7 at a Mberengwa shop test positive to Covid-19

Sharon Nyaya

Mberengwa – As Zanu PF continues to violate lockdown regulations by holding big meetings, Covid19 is mushrooming throughout the country with seven out of nine workers at a single shop in Mberengwa testing positive to the infectious virus yesterday.

The Seven are from HR Shop at Yorko Business Centre and plans are to spread the testing process to all of the company’s shops dotted all over Mberengwa. The seven are now on self-isolation while the Ministry of Health is doing contact tracing.

The District Medical Officer Gabriel Ndagurwa confirmed the Covid results. Nyede Ndeya, the District Development Coordinator (DDC) said there was urgent need to deal with the situation in Mberengwa but said that the District Covid19 taskforce is hamstrung by critical fuel shortages. He appealed to the business community to support the programme with fuel.

He told The Mirror that the tests on HR workers were done after two of the company’s workers tested positive after they tried to get Covid certificates for a business trip to Messina. The two had done stock checks in all HR shops dotted around Mberengwa and this alarmed HR proprietor who called for a rapid response team to visit the shops.

“We did contact tracing, we disinfected the shop and closed it. We are working on getting to other shops for testing. Fuel is a challenge. If we could get assistance from any stakeholder it will go a long way for we still have the following HR shops to visit and test around the district; Mabika, Danga, Mataga, Jeka, Zibanga, Chingechuru, Sovelele, Chirambahuyo, Gaha, Bvumbura, Mberengwa turnoff and Masase,” said Nyede.

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