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6 Chipinge women forced to open their legs for a ‘witch’


6 Chipinge women forced to open their legs for a ‘witch’


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

Chipinge Times Reporter

CHIPINGE – It’s a weird world.

Six women from Gaza suburb in Chipinge were on Wednesday last week forced to lie on their backs, lift up their skirts and open their legs wide open to allow a witch to touch their vaginas and remove a spell cast on them.

The self-styled prophet popularly known as Madzimai Anastasia (actual name Abigail Mushangwe) has sent the small eastern border town on a tail-spin and the matter has been reported to Police.

Ward 6 councilor Lovemore Mukwapati confirmed the matter to Chipinge Times and said he reported the case to Police.

Manicaland Police Spokesperson, Wiseman Chinyoka said he was still waiting for full details.

Chipinge Times is told that Madzimai Anastasia who descended on the town from Harare accused Alice Chivunze, a resident of Gaza of being a witch and she identified six women bewitched by her. 

In order to remove the spell, the six women were ordered to lie on their backs with their dresses pulled up and their legs apart. Chivunze was then ordered to touch the vaginas of each of the six women in order to remove the spell.

A bitter Chivunze confirmed the story to Chipinge Times and said she was assaulted and forced by the self-styled prophet to touch the women’s vaginas and one of them was on menstruation.

“This prophetess has been here since last week. She called me to one of my neighbour’s houses where she was having a gathering and poured water on me before she assaulted me. She asked me to take away what she claimed I had put in my neighbours’ private parts. I was made to touch their private parts.

“She took away my wedding ring and accused me of being a Satanist. She said I used the ring to bewitch others. I reported the matter to the councilor,” she said.

Many residents who spoke to Chipinge Times complained that Anastacia was harassing and creating divisions among residents. Several reports have been made at Chipinge Police Station.

Chipinge Times crew went to the Station where they were told by some officers that Anastacia was supposed to appear in court last Thursday but she still hadn’t appeared as of late yesterday. Residents are angry to see her walking scot free. 

Efforts to get a comment from Anastacia were fruitless although Chipinge Times managed to get at one of her small gatherings. https://masvingomirror.com


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