5 children die as measles outbreak hits Gutu

Brilliant Mukaro
GUTU NORTH – Five children from three different families plus an adult, all from Johane Marange Church have died within a week in a suspected measles outbreak in Nyazvidzi, Gutu.
Masvingo Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Dr Amadeus Shamu said that there is a countrywide measles outbreak and his office will be investigating the cases.
Johanne Marange members are not allowed vaccination and they don’t get treatment from hospitals.
Health officials at Nyazvidzi Health Centre led by nurse-in-charge Nhamo Nyavi are said to be working around the clock on the issue but are meeting stiff resistance from ardent church goers.
The Mirror gathered that two minors died at Mugarajira Farm last week, two at Machafa Farm and one at Mutsengi. An adult also died and it is suspected that this was caused by measles.
A health official from Nyazvidzi said the deaths have shaken the community but the parents remain unmoved. Some members of the community have called on Government to come down hard upon the Johanne Marange church goers.
“We ask the Ministry of Health and Childcare to immediately intervene and vaccinate the innocent children. The deaths are heart-rending” said a source.https://masvingomirror.com

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