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5 Beitbridge students get 1 year sentences for cheating

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5 Beitbridge students get 1 year sentences for cheating


Rebecca Mazvidza


BEITBRIDGE – Five students from Vhembe High School in Beitbridge have been convicted of cheating in the November 2022 Zimsec O Level exams and were slapped with suspended sentences varying from six months to a year.

The students got different leaked exam papers and the matter only came out after one of the students told the invigilator Lindani Sibanda who in turn told the school head Petros Sibanda during an exam that she had seen the paper that she was writing.

The affected students are Immaculate Mapako (18), Eussein Makaranga (18), Tinotenda Mavusi (16), Paul Moto (16) and Patricia Dube (18). The verdict was delivered on Wednesday last week.

The students’ ages were considered in the sentences that they got.

Beitbridge Magistrate Variro Gabi sentenced Mapako to 12 months, suspended two months Makaranga and Dube got eight months and  while Mavusi and Moyo were sentenced to six months and  would all do community service.

Prosecutor Olivia Chamutinya said the students had access to various papers and these were being sent through social media.

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