43 vendors vaccinated on Dep Minister’s order

CHIVHU – Forty- three vendors were inoculated at the Chivhu Town Rank on Friday and some against their wish following an order given by the Deputy Minister of Health and Childcare, Dr John Mangwiro.
Dr Mangwiro gave the instruction when he attended a function at Chivhu District Hospital where he received PPEs from Chandiwana Foundation.
He said all vendors must be vaccinated in order to keep trading. Dr Mangwiro also told the same gathering that GMB shall not buy maize from farmers who are not vaccinated.
“We want to make sure that every vendor is vaccinated because they mix with different people when selling their products. Our District Task force and Joint Operations Command (JOC) should make sure that this is enforced immediately,” he said.
A Mirror reporter was told by several vendors that they were being vaccinated against their will because they wanted to save their jobs.
Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals they said that a team from Chivhu District Hospital arrived and told them that there was an instruction to vaccinate all of them. Anyone who was not vaccinated would cease to work at the rank, they were told.
A vendor recently died of Covid19 at the same rank.

“I have no choice my son, We were told that if we are not vaccinated we would be chased from our markets. We just followed the instruction for us to continue doing business. We have families to look after.
“Before I got the jab I just said… So help me God…,” said a vendor who preferred to be named as Mai Tee.

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