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43% Redcliff residents rely on piece jobs

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43% Redcliff residents rely on piece jobs



REDCLIFF – At least 43% of Redcliff residents rely on piece jobs for their sustenance following the collapse of Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (Zisco Steel) more than two decades ago, district lead planner Dr Shamiso Mafuku has said.
She said this during the presentation of the report of study at Redcliff Municipality recently. She said only 22% (9 140) of the town residents are formally employed.
Redcliff’s population is 41 546. Six percent consists of pensioners, 29% is unemployed and the majority relies on peace jobs that include garbage collection and vending.
“The shutdown of ZISCO which was the major employer has resulted in a lot of people being unemployed and it has become very difficult to find a job in Redcliff. Many people earn their income through side jobs and self employment opportunities such as collecting discarded metal and plastics from dumpsites, vending and illegal mining.
“There are limited formal employment opportunities due to the town’s poor manufacturing base and the low demand for goods and services from surrounding areas. Those in the formal sector work for Government departments and Ministries,” said Dr Mafuku.

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