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$3,3m scam hits Beitbridge Zimra

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$3,3m scam hits Beitbridge Zimra


Ellen Mlambo
Beitbridge – Nelson Chinguva (31), a Zimra revenues officer was nabbed by the Police on Thursday after he was allegedly involved in a scam that prejudiced the revenue authority of more than RTGS$3,386m.
Chinguva is accused of releasing a consignment of smuggled goods worth millions of dollars without clearance.
According to State papers in the hands of Two Nations, Zimra seized the smuggled goods on June 30, 2020. After an appel from the owner, the revenue authority agreed to release the goods on condition that RTGS$754 467, 36; US$4 214,56 customs duty; RTGS$2 632 067, 36 penalty and State warehouse storage is paid.
The owner of the goods was also ordered to produce import licence certificates from the ministries of Industry and Commerce and Agriculture.
However, on December 3, 2020, Chinguva proceeded to Manica Warehouse and allegedly released all the goods. These were loaded into a haulage truck and another smaller truck.
Acting Zimra manager Maputseni Murunguzvuzvu got wind of the release and teamed up with the shift manager Mbuso Moyo and went to the warehouse where they found the trucks loaded and gone.
They got details of the trucks and had them intercepted 20km from Beitbridge at the tollgate along Bulawayo Highway.
On being quizzed, Munguva indicated to his superiors that he released the goods after full payment of all the outstanding amounts had been done. However, verifications established that this was not true. Instead receipts made by other clients were attached against the smuggled goods.
The accused is pleading not guilty.

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