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300 Gutu villagers drink with livestock


300 Gutu villagers drink with livestock



GUTU – An estimated 300 villagers from Dzivakwi under Chief Nyamandi in Ward 11, Gutu are drinking water from the same source with livestock and wild animals causing persistent diarrhoea among school children and adults, the village head has said.
Village head Dzivakwi, born Kudakwashe Chivurawa told The Mirror in an interview that Dzivakwi is so dry that they cannot get water by digging wells. He said that the area is under region 5 and they have tried to dig protected wells but they cannot reach water tables.
There is no garden in the whole area and nutrition is an issue. Villagers buy vegetables for a dollar from next villages. The villagers also walk 5km to fetch water, said Dzivakwi.
The area has one spring that has water throughout the year, and this is where cattle, donkeys, wild animals and people drink from. Dzivakwi said there is superstition around the spring hence they cannot protect it because if they do so, it will dry up.
“We have an acute problem of diarrhoea in the village. Children and adults are from time to time affected by diarrhoea and other stomach problems but there is nothing we can do,” said Dzivaki.
He appealed to Gutu Rural District Council, Government, the donor community and well-wishers to assist with funding for the drilling of boreholes in the village and the establishment of a nutrition garden.
Gutu RDC CEO, Alexander Mutembwa said he was not aware of the situation. He however, said such problems are normally raised through councillors and the local authority takes action once that is done.
“I am not aware of the situation. In such cases, we expect them to take their concerns through their councillor. Once a councillor brings the concerns to our attention, we take immediate action,” said Mutembwa.
Dzivakwi said they raised the issue with the councillor countless times and were now under the illusion that it was not his responsibility to deal with such issues.
Councillor Andrew Muridhini refused to comment when The Mirror contacted him for a comment.
“Who gave you that report, that person should give you information. I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Muridhini.
Efforts to get a comment from Gutu Central MP, Winston Chitando were futile.
Former Gutu District nutrition coordinator and Ward 11 councillor, Getrude Dhoba condemned the source of water and said it’s muddy, dirty and is the source of regular waterborne disease outbreaks in the area. She said that a cholera outbreak would be disastrous in the area.
Chivurawa said mentally challenged persons are sometimes found bathing in the spring whilst some villagers bath near the same source of water whenever they discover that there are no people that will be at the spring to fetch water.
Council must act as a matter of urgency and give relief to the villagers.
“I am a nutritionist and the situation in this village is depressing, They have no clean water and they have no gardens. Villagers are always suffering from diarrhoea,” said Dhobha.
One villager, Kudzai Makore said she fetches four buckets of water daily from the spring and she walks up to 3km one way.
Mbuya Lucy Dzivakwe said she and her grand child frequently suffer from stomach ache after drinking the unsafe water.
“I appeal to the MP and other well-wishers to come to our rescue and drill boreholes for us,” said Mbuya Dzivakwe.
“We appeal to Government and donors to assist us with clean water. It is hard labour and time consuming to fetch water from a source that is 5km away,” said Melisa Masiya.

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