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30 points galore as Pamushana tops A Level results

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30 points galore as Pamushana tops A Level results



MASVINGO – The Zimsec 2021 A level results will probably go down in history for its record passrate with several students notching the hard to get 30 points.

Gokomere and Ndarama high schools have two students with 30 points each. The Gokomere pupil Edwin Takunda Chipfere notched 6 straight As’ in Pure Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Mechanical Maths and Accounts.

Chipfere was the head boy at the school.

The Ndarama student who got 30 points is Brilliant Chitondo and he got straight As in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Accounts.
However, Pamushana is the top A Level school in Masvingo going by the number of points attained by the school. It has 90 candidates with 15 points and above. Its pass rate however, stands at 98,7 which is lower than a number of schools that got 100%. Pamushana had 183 candidates.

Sitting on number 2 is Silveira High School with 40 students who got 15 points and above. However, the school had 99,10% pass rate and had 108 students who sat for the exams

St Anthony’s sits on third position with 29 students who notched 15 points. St Anthony’s had 136 candidates and 100% pass rate.

Gokomere and Ndarama are both tied on 4th position with 28 candidates each with 15 points. Gokomere had a 97,2% pass rate with 107 candidates sitting for the exams while had a 98,3% pass rate with 70 students sitting for the exams.

This means that Roman Catholic run schools remain dominant with three schools in the top five.

It is also one of the few occasions that Gokomere has slipped outside the top three and with a wide gap between it and the first school. The school’s consolation however, is that its best student Chipfere sits at the top of the tower.

On position 6 is Gutu High School that had 15 candidates with 15 points or more each. The school’s pass rate stood at 97,9% pass and 130 candidates.
Tied on 7th position is Mukaro and Berejena high schools which are both Roman Catholic and they had eight students with 15 points and above.

Mukaro had a 100% pass rate with 130 students sitting for the examinations. Berejena had a 91,2% pass rate and 57 students sat for the examinations.
Three schools, Mutero, St James, and Sacred Heart stood at number 9 with two students each getting 15 points and above. Mutero had a 98.4% pass rate and 51 students sitting for the exams. St James had a 100% pass rate and 17 candidates while Sacred Heart had a 94.4% pass rate and 36 candidates.

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