23-year-old killed over girlfriend

Sibonguthando Dube


MBERENGWA – A 23-year-old man from Dugwe Village under Chief Mtavaidze in Mberengwa was struck to death with an axe after an altercation over a girlfriend.

The incident happened last week. 

Sources told The Mirror that Prince Ncube (23) died on the way to hospital after being struck by Anelle Sithole (18) at a beerhall at Masase Business Centre. 

Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident to The Mirror.  

Sources said that on October 15, 2022 at 4 pm the two were drinking beer in the same bar when an altercation arose over a girlfriend that the two both loved. In an effort to solve the dispute the two went outside the bar to talk and came back after some minutes.

However, when they got inside Sithole picked an axe that was under a bench and struck the now deceased on the left ear and once on the neck and fled.

The now deceased was rushed to Masase Hospital where he was referred to Gwanda General Hospital but he died on the way. The matter was reported to the Police leading to arrest of Sithole. The matter is under investigations. 

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