22 monitored for Coronavirus in Masvingo


MASVINGO – The Ministry of Health and Child Care is monitoring 22 people from Masvingo who travelled outside the country for coronavirus, the Provincial Medical Director, Dr Amadeus Shamu has said.
Dr Shamu told The Mirror in an exclusive interview that the people who are being monitored are those who either travelled to countries where coronavirus has been reported or passed through such countries.
He was categorical that those being monitored are not suspects but it is a routine policy by the Ministry. He also emphasised that Zimbabwe does not have any reported case of Coronavirus.
Of the monitored people 13 are from Masvingo Urban, Bikita has 2, Zaka has 1, Chiredzi has 2, Gutu has 1, Chivi has 1 and Masvingo Rural has 2.
The monitoring is being done from homes with health officials going there to monitor temperature and other features consistent with coronavirus. At home those under monitoring are expected to use their own rooms as a way of self quarantine.
“Chances that any of them has coronavirus are very slim. This is only a cautionary measure we have taken as the Ministry. You will note for example that there is one reported case of coronavirus in the UK but we are monitoring someone who passed through that country recently,” said Dr Shamu.
Coronavirus outbreak was first reported in the province of Wuhan in China where it has so far killed close to 2 000 people and the statistics are rising every day. Several countries have banned travels to China. https://masvingomirror.com

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