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2022 media accreditation fees gazetted

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2022 media accreditation fees gazetted


The Zimbabwe Media Commission yesterday gazetted accreditation and registrationfees and levies for journalists and media houses for this year.

The new fees were published in Statutory Instrument 65 of 2022 and were cited asAccess to Information and Protection of Privacy (Registration, Accreditation and Levy)(Amendment) Regulations 2022.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa approved the fees, resulting in them being gazetted yesterday, and are effective fromJanuary 1.The fees are pegged in US dollar, but are payable in the local currency at the prevailing inter-bank rate for local mass media services and accreditation of local journalists.

A local journalist seeking to be accredited for the first time will pay US$20, while the renewal fee and fine for late renewal are US$15 and US$10 respectively.The application and accreditation fees for a local journalist working for a foreign media house is US$50 and US$150, while the renewal of accreditation is US$150.

The application, accreditation and renewal fees for a foreign journalist manning a representative office for a foreign media service are US$50 and US$300.A foreign journalist seeking temporary accreditation will have to pay US$50 as application fee and US$150 in accreditation fees, while the fee for extension of accreditation period is set at US$50, with productions and projects attracting a fee ofUS$2 500.For special accreditation, the application fee is US$15, with those from SADC and rest of Africa paying US$30 and US$40, while others will pay US$50.

The application and registration fees for the registration of a mass media service were set at US$300 and US$2 000, while the renewal of registration fee is US$1 000, with late renewal fine at US$500.

The application and registration fees for a community mass media service are US$200and US$1 000, while the registration renewal fee is US$800 and the late renewal fine isUS$500.

For productions and digital platforms, the application and registration fees areUS$200 and US$1 000 respectively, while the renewal fee and late renewal fine areUS$800 and US$500.

News agencies will have to fork out US$200 and US$1 000 for application and registration fees, while renewal fees and late renewal fine are US$800 and US$500.The application fee to set a representative office for a foreign mass media service or news agency is US$500, while the fee for permission to operate is US$3 000 and the renewal for permission to operate and complementary permit administration fee isUS$2 000 and US$1 000. http://Herald.co.zw

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