2 ZCC elders (73) and (60) fondle 13-year-old


MASVINGO – Two Zimbabwe Christian Church (ZCC) elders from Good Hope Village under Chief Musara in Masvingo Rural have been charged for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl who used to be a member of their congregation.

Jephorey Chimenya (60) and Phillip Makamera (73) appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Mbonisi Ndlovu facing indecent assault charges.

It is alleged that on September 20, 2020, Chimenya and Makamera approached the minor at home when her mother was away. The two sprinkled ‘holy water’ on the complainant on the pretext that they were exorcising her of demons.

They followed the minor to the borehole the next day and sexually abused her, said the State. They allegedly tapped her buttocks with walking sticks telling her that they had grown bigger and ripe for the act after being sprinkled with the holy water.

The State is being represented by Godknows Mapundu. They pleaded not guilty.

Makamera also approached the minor in front of her mother and accused the mother of influencing the complainant against the church. He fondled the girl’s breasts in the presence of the mother.

Judgement will be on May 6, 2021.

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