2 new Delta brands take the market by storm

Brilliant Mukaro


MASVINGO AGRIC SHOW – Two new alcohol brands that Delta introduced a few months ago are in short supply after they took the market by storm.

This was said by officials at the Delta Beverages’ stand at Masvingo Agricultural Show last week as they gave show goers free samples of the brands to taste.

The brands are Sable Lager and Banana Super which were launched in June and May respectively. The officials who declined to comment to the Press told faithful patrons that the company underestimated the products hence now Delta is now having hard time to satisfy the market.

Banana Super was introduced to cater for those who find opaque beer too bitter and unpalatable and wanted something sweet. The company then flavoured the Chibuku Super Brand with banana flavour and gave it a thick cream and smooth texture.

The banana flavour was not introduced to kick other brands out of the market but to cater for those who would not like ‘hard’ beer.

The company currently has a promotion in which if one buys 1 sable beer pint then you would get one for free.

“Delta is impressed by the performance of the two brands. Even here at the show they are doing very well,” said one of the officials.

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