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2 months no water at Checheche


2 months no water at Checheche


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

CHECHECHE – Checheche, a growth point of about 22 500 people in Chipinge has gone for two months without water following the continuous burst of old pipes.Checheche Residents and Ratepayers Trust (CRRT) spokesperson Win Bhila said residents were now fetching water from unprotected sources like Save River and open wells.
Bhila however, said residents are still getting water bills even though they are not getting anything from their tapes.He said that the water crisis started in May and other problems that the people are facing as a result of water shortages are diseases such as diarrhea.He appealed to the local authority to sink boreholes and provide water in bowsers in the suburbs if the situation cannot be immediately rectified. Checheche gets its water supplies from Save river.Zinwa spokesperson Tsungirirai Shoriwa did not respond to questions sent to him by Chipinge Times.Farai Matutu who stays in Phase 3, said they get water three days a month.

“In phase 3 where I stay, we get water three days a month. We have been with such a situation for many years now,” said Farai Matutu.The Councillor for Ward 24, Wishes Hama, refused to comment on the matter and said she was busy.Jane Badza says she gets water bills of up to ZWL$2 500 a month even though she is not getting water .“Zinwa is not telling us anything meaningful. They are just quiet. You wonder where the bills that they are charging are coming from.
“We get water from few individuals who have boreholes. Some residents have resorted to open wells and Save River. At my place I get water bills of up to ZWL$2 500 even though I go for months without water,” said Jane Badza.

MP for Chipinge South Enock Porusingasi said Zinwa are not taking the water crisis serious.Zinwa are not serious about the water crisis in Checheche. We have Save river which does not run dry. We are different from other towns and cities since we are so close to our water sources. We are wondering what is the challenge. I approached them and they told me that they had ordered pumps and engines which became too small since Checheche is growing at a fast rate. Bigger pipes and water tanks are needed for the growth point. Zinwa must rectify this problem swiftly,” he said.“We are not getting an ear from Zinwa, council, our councilor or MP. Water is a right enshrined in international conventions and our constitution and this obligation from the State is mandatory,” said Bhila.https://masvingomirror.com

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