2 Gutu women caught collecting soil from a grave


GUTU – Two women from Chatikobo area under Chief Maburutse in Gutu were assaulted by mourners at a burial recently after they were spotted collecting soil from a freshly dug grave of a soldier who was being buried.

Headman Mutizira confirmed the case and told The Mirror that he has since fined the two a goat and a cow each for the misdemeanor. The case was heard last week.

The deceased soldier is Kudakwashe Manjengwa who was murdered in Harare and buried in Mutanda Village.
Yerita Matenhura who is the wife of village head Matse and her accomplice Shylet Mudavanhu from headman Zinyemba’s area collected handfuls of soil from the heap on Manjengwa’s grave as mourners were in prayer at the graveside. They placed the soil into a plastic bag.

They were spotted by mourners and all hell broke loose as villagers meted instant justice on them.
Matenhura told headman Mutizira’s court that she was instructed to bath with soil from a freshly dug grave by a prophet to heal her swollen legs.

Mudavanhu told the court that she was sent by Matenhura to collect the soil. https://masvingomirror.com

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