17-year-olds drag each other to court for maintenance


MWENEZI –People gathered at the court in Mwenezi were astounded when two teenagers who should still be in school dragged each other to court for maintenance.

Both the girl and the boy are aged 17 and the girl who cannot be named because of her age left Neshuro High School after being impregnated by the boy.

The boy who also cannot be named is doing Form 3 at the same school.

However, Resident Magistrate Honesty Musiiwa said that there was no law that said an underage boy can pay maintenance and he therefore dismissed the case. The girl who was accompanied by her mother to court left with a fallen face.

The mother later granted an interview to Two Nations and said that she wanted the boy to pay maintenance so that she can find someone to look after the child while her daughter goes back to school.

The girl argued in court that the child should be a responsibility of both and she also needed a chance to go back to school. She said that the boy’s parents must take custody of the child this time.

The boy refused paternity of the child in court. The mother said that they tried to solve the matter with Chief Mawarire but it failed.


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