14-year-old appeals for a wheelchair

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Gutu – An unemployed man from Guvamatanga Village in Zvavahera, Gutu can no longer fend for his four children as he is stuck at home with a 14-year-old daughter whose wheelchair is broken down.

Elton Mawire is appealing for a wheel chair for Nyasha who was born with mylomeningocele and has an abnormal growth of the head.

Wooden sticks are used to fix the wheelchair which is falling apart. Tyres are worn out and the wheels cannot turn. The seat has been replaced with wooden logs making it painful for Nyasha to sit on it all day.

Nyasha was also sent back from Jairosi Jiri because BEAM, a Government social welfare programme could not meet her food and fees requirements.

“All I am appealing for is a wheel chair. My daughter was born with a rare disease. She has a pipe in her head and cannot do anything on her own. I cannot go to the fields or look after her three other siblings because I have to look after her all day. My wife is away looking after her mother who is critically ill in Soti Source.

“Nyasha was sent away from Jairosi Jiri after the school complained that BEAM was not catering for her food needs. Jairosi Jiri wanted her to bring groceries but I had no money so I had to take my daughter back,” said Mawire.
Mawire said he would be grateful if he can also find a sponsor to support his child to go back to school.
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