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123 000 mosquito nets for Mberengwa

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123 000 mosquito nets for Mberengwa



MBERENGWA-The mass distribution of 123 150 Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) mosquito nets to 31 wards in Mberengwa has been recently completed.
The LLIN are sourced under the National Malaria Control Program and they were given to all Mberengwa residents and the distribution ran for a week from health centers.
Mberengwa District Medical Officer (DMO), Dr Gabriel Ndagurwa confirmed the programme in an interview with The Mirror. The programme is carried out every year and the objective is to ensure that every bedding space has a mosquito net.

Mberengwa is a malaria zone with an average of three deaths per year.
Dr Ndagurwa complained that people from Mberengwa have a tendency of misusing mosquito nets.
“We had the 2022 Mass distribution of LLINs and almost everyone participated. We urged them to avoid misusing mosquito nets as they help in preventing the spread of Malaria.

“We will continue to educate communities on issues of misuse. People are using nets for fishing, fowl runs, fencing gardens and covering their harvests to prevent birds from eating them. Community leaders are helping us, by fining those who are caught misusing nets.
“Thirty -five Malaria cases have been recorded so far and we urge people to seek medical attention early in case of when they experience any symptoms,” said Ndagurwa.https://masvingomirror.com/

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