12 months for smuggling, 2 months for violating lockdown rules

Caroline Phiri
BEITBRIDGE – Rainford Mafusire (35) and Zvenyika Gumbo (41) have been sentenced to a total of 14 months on two counts of smuggling and unnecessary movements in violation of Covid-19 lockdown rules.
The two appeared at Beitbridge Magistrates Court, before Resident Magistrate Toendepi Zhou.
They pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 12 months in prison for count 1 where four months were suspended on condition of not committing the same offense for the next five years and on count 2 they were ordered to pay a fine of RTGS $2 000 or two months imprisonment.
Prosecutor Ronald Mugwagwa said that on May 2, 2020, Mafusire and Gumbo were arrested after a team of detectives received information that there were smuggling activities at an illegal crossing point at Panda Mine 2 along the Limpopo River.
The detectives intercepted the accused persons’ car and discovered that the motor vehicle was loaded with various groceries which included 40 boxes of washing soap, 10 boxes of cooking oil, 10 boxes of washing powder, 1 case of coffee creamer, 4×12.5 kg flour, 2 cases of baked beans, 1 box of bath soap and 43 packets of disposable nappies imported from South Africa.
The two proceeded to Panda Mine 2 some 20km from their homes and failed to produce exemption letters for travel during lockdown.

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