1 299 Gutu teachers train in Continuous Assessment


Gutu – The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has trained 1 299 teachers from Gutu District in Continuous Assessment Learning Activity (CALA), a practical approach to learning which is in the new curriculum.

The new curriculum emphasizes learning that requires students to perform, demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency. CALA calls on learners to apply their learning in context.

Gutu District Schools Inspector (DSI) Ronald Muganhu said under Cala, pupils are supposed to do projects and tasks in school, which would constitute 30% of their coursework for the final examination under the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council for each subject.

The CALA training will enable teachers to assess their students through formative evaluation, monitoring, administration and supervision.

The Mirror understands that the continuous evaluation will be done in five stages for all external examination classes.

The deadline for Stage A is July 9 for Grade 7 and O Level candidates and July 16 for A Level.

The deadline for Stage B is July 30 for Grade 7 and 13 August for O and A level. For Stage C the deadline is August 20 for Grade 7, September 10 for O and A level.

For stage d the deadline is September 10 for Grade 7 and October 8 for O and A level. The final stage e is scheduled for October 1 for Grade 7 and November 5 for O and A level candidates.

Even external candidates are required to submit tasks for practical assessments, said Muganhu. https://masvingomirror.com

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